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High Pressure Water Jet Service

High Pressure Water Jet Service


Water jet cleaning is typically used to break up stubborn blockages or to remove debris such as grease that has become built up on the inside of the sewer or drain pipes. A clogged septic system, water line or sewer pipe can affect an entire plumbing system and even block waste from escaping the home.

Experiencing a backed up septic system can be devastating. It not only causes embarrassing odors, it can be quite costly to fix. A backed up septic or sewer system, if not immediately taken care of by an experienced sewer and septic services technician, can also pose a potential threat to your health and your family’s health.

Excavating NJ™ can help get your sewer or septic line cleaned out. To resolve the problem, we use water that is pressurized by one of our truck mounted pumps. This water flushes the debris from your sewer and/or drains using our specially designed cleaning heads attached to flexible     high-pressure nozzles for correct cleaning of sewer and drain pipes. Large diameter lines and those with a long run or excessive build-up may require water jet service.

  • Water jetting provides a more thorough cleaning of drain & sewer lines and is more effective for greater distances.
  • Water jets are particularly effective in flushing out sags, bellies and sewer pipes on the flat.
  • Specially designed nozzles spin at a high-RPM, emulsifying grease and soap deposits in your home sewer system