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Grease Tank Pump Out

Grease Tank Pump Out

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps MUST be maintained and cleaned every 4-6 weeks and in many cases, more frequently than that per Florida Department of Health requirements. A grease trap that is not properly emptied and cleaned allows grease waste to enter the sanitary sewer or even a septic system. Further, grease blockages can cause an establishment to be shut down for days; not to mention how labor intensive the clean-up and sanitation is after such a back-up occurs. The domino effect of a shut-down can cost a business owner a lot more than a monetary loss.

Grease traps are an important, yet sometimes overlooked function of a kitchen. Grease traps contain animal fats and vegetable oils in kitchen wastewater and that flows through your plumbing system before reaching sanitary sewer lines. If grease builds up too heavily, your lines become clogged and will cause a back-up…not something you want to see OR smell!

Country Septic Service offers grease trap pumping and cleaning ensuring odor elimination and safety issues related to grease traps that may be poorly maintained. Our technicians spend as much time as needed to make certain your grease trap is completely pumped out AND cleaned/washed. It is our goal to get rid of any accumulation of old grease which can make the odor of a grease trap…worse!

We dispose of grease trap waste at only licensed waste processing facilities and ensure all federal, state and local regulations are followed.

Call today to see how setting up a maintenance plan can save you worry, time AND money! Our service plans are customized to your wants and needs. Our commercial and residential grease trap services are designed to provide you with the positive results you need during inspections by governing agencies. We’ll even provide you with information as to what items you are allowing into the grease trap that causes an inspection to fail and reasons why you may receive unacceptable testing results than what you should be getting.